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Nothing left

I;ve been thinking about all my failures since caught in a scam 6 years ago.

Been through all services, meds, ect and now police trouble

I do not want to die but it is looking inevitable, soon.

Any ideas I may not have tried?

I know hospital and emergency services, just humiliate and increase risk, so don't want that.

Now feel alone and hopeless. Look at my past posts if interested.

I like to help others but no disabled and a liability

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Keep going, be hopeful, all will be well by the Grace of God !


6 years no and more problems build up.

I cant see any hope now


Voluntary work? Informed and expert advice on online forums?

Both ways of diminishing time available for introspection, rumination and self pity.


yes I did/ do that, but now disabled following cycle accident and had humiliating court case,all across national media


Oh Goldie, we really care for you and hate to hear your desperation, have you anyone that you call?


no one who seems to understand and help.


Hi Goldie

I dont know what to say exactly but I know one thing is true, you are not alone...


I am too young to die, but it seems inevitable - my wife is fed up with me, my business has failed, finances terrible, cant enjoy anything any more, brain damaged, obsession personality and low outward experience, male doctor makes me very high risk. Christmas seems a bad time - 2 of my 3 children are working the unpopular shifts as I did often.

I am not recovering and cant find a use for myself.

Wife wanted separation as I no longer have fun and miserable.

Victim behaviour


No words can help it seems Goldie , nearly 34 years ago I was in a desperate situation, alcoholic poisoning and sevtsays in bed ,I took a long walk in snow clad fields and prayed from the heart for the first time in my life, incredibly I turned my life around.

That old adage ‘it always looks darkest before the dawn’ came true in my case.i guess I’m trying to say don’t give up.


You have done very well. As virtually everyone seems to do.

I previously thought Iwas doing well but have fallen a long way down now and ashamed and humiliated. Brain not working well. Want to recover but it all looks bad.

And the police have been really nasty - they wont even talk to me, accused me of deliberately cycling under a car !


Do you have an option to reactivate your registration and volunteer in a country that does not require you to be revalidated?


no that wouldn't be allowed and I am now disabled after being run over this year and don't seem to recover.

I never had my side of the story told and was made out to be a terrible person bythe media


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