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My dad

My mom moved out a year ago. A few months later my dad found someone. A couple of days ago my parents finalized their separation. Yesterday my dad proposed to his girlfriend. It is all too much for me. I hate his girlfriend. She is mean and makes my dad a worse person. Im finding it impossible to cope. My entire world is crashing down on me and im just done.

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HI MapSavvy,

I'm so sorry that all of this is going on. I'm assuming you are in your teens? Having your parents separate/divorce is hard enough. And now your dad has quickly found another person, and you don't like her. So much has changed for you in such a short time! Of course your world is crashing down around you.

Are you seeing a counselor/therapist? I would recommend that you tell one of your parents that you need to see someone. Therapists are experts at helping people get through difficult adjustments like the one you are experiencing. It can really, really help. Which parent can you tell? Or if you can't talk to either of your parents right now, Can you talk to someone at school, or another trusted relative?

I'm sorry you have to go through this. My parents divorced when I was a young adult. It wasn't terribly hard on me, but it was awful for my little sister (16 at the time)

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