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“Have mercy” a pretty bad poem by me but I wanted to share it anyways because it shares how I feel


Have mercy, for great fists squeeze my lungs so brutally I’m breathing through a straw

Take pity, for giant hammers bang in my mind ringing persistently throughout my body

Let go of the weights that make my heart sink the second I get out of bed

Let me be rid of the swarms of abusive thoughts echoing through my mind every waking moment

Free me of the burning anger that spreads like a wild fire through my ever muscle

Have mercy, for even though you are only a figment of my imagination. Will has never been a match to your ever lasting brutality.

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Give thanks for the awareness to see what it is

That keeps us from living the life we would live

Depression, anxiety, panic, and rage

Would trap us pour souls in their emotional cage

But we have each other, and families and more

To help us, support us and even the score

We can win the battle, to get out of bed

Go to school, or work, when we'd rather be dead

Paint on that smile, and always say "fine"

When they all ask "how are you?" such an insincere line

So when things are low, and ever so bleak

Just know it gets better, sometimes just a week

Now take all your pills, talk to your doc

Stay on your path, and wait out the clock.

For when the emotional tide starts to turn

We shall find the happiness for which we all yearn.

Wow, unfortunately this Is very true. I like the optimistic ending though, we could all use a little hope these days for the day that that tide turns. And really good poem by the way. :)

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