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feeling better about life

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I couple of moths ago I lost my job. I did not know what to do my life was over. So many things were happening changing jobs working for the wrong people. people sometimes are cruel not very understanding. I have learned to take care of myself. I am in contact with a very old friend and she pulled me out of the dumps, I thank her all the time. I thought my life was over but now things are getting better. I have a new job coming up and I will be aware of all that is going on. I want to move out of Florida some time soon. I need to take baby steps though. I am working on my self to be the best i can that's all we can do. So when you think that things are so bad just try to think outside the box. Look inside yourself and let things happen even when things are so bad just listen to yourself and believe in yourself.

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Thanks for sharing, sounds like u have a great friend. And u learning that self love is the best love. And we learn something new everyday. And I definitely need to think outside the box and stop beating yourself up

Great words of reminder, as I'm in a similar situation.

Your story inspires me. I lost mine too, and my older brother squeezed me out of a family business.

I still struggle with suicidal thoughts...having to switch careers , I’m so depressed much of the time.

I am ready to take a job that I’m overqualified for, but I need to just do something to stay busy and earn money. At this point , I just want to be happy at work , and feel appreciated...I don’t care about job prestige or what other people think.

Good luck at your new job and Happy New Year!

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