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I don’t think my mother like me


Am depressed trying to do anything to myself feel better. I took a picture of myself and it off Snapchat

And she say no that picture looks way better than u

Am like thank u Mom for making me feel good all

My life she have always belittle me and so many ways like calling me back names and everything I do is a problem and she’s sick and came to stay with me and have her own place am really piss off right now these the reasons why I would give up on life because of people always want to hurt me here the picture below

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Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time. Such a cruel thing to say to you. Don’t believe it ..just know that it’s more about her than you. I realize That probably doesn’t make you feel better, but it’s the truth. Wishing you some peace and comfort.

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Thank you

Hope you’re okay !

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I am

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I’m sorry hun. You are beautiful inside out xoxxo

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Awww thank you

Don't think in negative way...... Tamka....

Am trying not too am trying to stay positive

Hurtful people usually dislike themselves but take it out on others. Don't listen to her.

BTW there is scientific research in how we look different in selfies messes with our perceptions of ourselves.

I assume you have told her that you have had enough of her put downs. You opened your home to her. Set up home health care and send her home.

I need to do something

((((((((Tanka)))))))) Hug for you, beautiful.

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That sounds terrible! It doesn't matter if she has always spoken to you harshly or not, it still must hurt you so much. I cannot imagine hearing such hateful things from my Mom. I can sometimes get annoyed with her for always telling me she's "proud" of me and she's "lucky I was born" when I have messed up my life so badly; my children's' as well. She was nearly perfect - I can't recall her ever sitting down, she was always doing housework and cooking for us. She stayed at home and would bring me my dance uniform or homework when I forgot, no complaints. But my children don't know if their mom (Me, obviously) will be well enough to get up and shower, let alone do any housework, each day... and my mother thinks I'm wonderful... I often wish she would be disappointed. But you do not deserve that from anyone! I read on this site that many people had/have serious issues with their parents. Even the adults have roadblocks when it comes to talking to their parents about their illnesses, or even feelings, boundaries in general. I know from personal experience that (1) I not only don't want to disappoint my parents and have my own issues with perfectionism/ complete failure but also (2) I am still very scared of my father. What he lacked in an emotional bond with my brother, sister and me; my mother made up for. I wonder if you had the same emotional distance with your mother? Did your father try to make up for what your mother lacked by being very emotional and bonded to you and any siblings you might have? I hope you had some emotional support growing up and now - if you don't I am glad you are here and that you have many resources you can see face to face at home. <3 C

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My father went to prison when I was 2 I don’t remember him never had the chance to see him or talk him and he died in prison when I was 8 my aunt husband started touching me when I was 5 and the day my family buried my father his brother started touching me from 8-12 and I have had multiple people family and friends who did things to me man and woman and than had abusive relationships my mom always made me feel worse and always said ugly things to me made me feel like she hated me and I started being depressed and anxious as a kid and I really didn’t know what was going scared having nightmares wetting the bed and when I got in my teens I was afraid to go to school and started smoking marijuana and had my first panic attack and from there my life was messed up I self medicate for years and always felt bad

I'm sorry to hear that you too feel and/or are in a situtation similar to mine. Therefore my first message to you is: YOUR NOT ALONE! For I have a mother, but she also always made my life hard. Instead of helping with my health problems she'd give me the remedy on how to go kill myself. All them hard times with her, lead me to abandon my family and go my own way without seeing or hearing from them again. I'm not saying my problems are now solved, but atleast I have nobody to hear them saying more negative things to me and/or about me. Good Luck.

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I’m sorry to hear that u had to go through that. Am praying for you and here if u ever need someone to talk too. You’re not alone no more. Sending you a hug 🤗 and all the love ❤️ I have to give. And please keep reaching out and Good Luck 🍀to u too

First I want to say I'm so sorry for the abuse you suffered as a child. None of which was your fault and doesn't say anything about you but speaks volumes to the character of those that hurt you. You are all grown up now and still trying to grow and live your life. That speaks to your character, you're strong...stronger than you probably feel like at times. ( I know I am) Just from reading your comments to others I can see you are a caring person with a good heart.

You're mom sounds like she has issues she needs to work on, but that doesn't excuse the way she talks to you and I know it makes things harder for you. (((Hugs)))

Could you talk to your mom about how you feel? I know that doesn't work with some people. My dad's a good example, which is why him and I don't have a relationship.

By the way, I think your pic is super cute. 😊 If you ever want to talk feel free to message me, I'm a good listener.

Wishing you a good day today. ❤🌹

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Awwwww thank you so much and I always want to talk🤣 and talking to my mom is like talking to a brick wall. She don’t care how she talk to people my kids even tired of how she talks to them she been doing this since I was a kid and some people never change and am here for u too sending u a great big hug 🤗

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