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Shortness of breath while walking

Hello everyone, I am new here. Please has anyone with anxiety and depression ever experienced serious shortness of breath while walking.


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Am always short of breath, I walk from my couch to front door and be breathless


Thank you so much tamka38 for your response. I know I'm not alone.

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You’re never alone am here


Hi Teaching. It depends how serious your shortness of breath gets...It's always

best to have that checked out by your doctor if it's something new. However,

anxiety can and does cause many to experience shortness of breath when moving.

One of the reasons is that we tend to focus in on our breathing and anticipate that

this will happen whether we are walking or going up steps. The thought already being

planted in our mind causes us to either shallow breathe while being active or holding

our breath. Either one causes shortness of breath having nothing to do with a physical

issue but rather a psychological one. Once you are given a clean bill of health from your

doctor that it is not coming from a health issue than you can address anxiety as being

the culprit. xx


Thanks a lot Agora1 , I've checked my heart severally and everything came out clean. Just praying that these will pass.

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You didn't give a lot of details. I'd try the following idea - if you are short on breath when walking, try running. I.e. adapt.

I mean running at other times when walking - my logic is, that your lungs will grow stronger and will be able to process more oxygen, and eventually even moments of shortness of breath will not feel ..well.. as if you are short on breath.

And running in general is extremely helpful for anxiety - makes you concentrate and relax at the same time, improves metabolism (your bad chemicals in brain flush out quicker)


Thanks but I don't think I can run at this time. Maybe in future when I'll feel a lot better.


If it happens sometimes, I would say it's your anxiety but if it's every time I would check with your doctor.


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