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I was an old member but I wiped my phone and lost all my information. I'm sick and tired of everyone around me. My parents, my brother and my friends. My friends are cheap and plastic and they thrive on popularity and other people's feedbacks. My mother is insane. My dad doesn't care. My brother is insane like my mother. Sometimes I want to yell at my mom, tell her she's a horrible parent and I want her to feel bad. Trouble is, she laughs in my face and moves on with her life. What do i do?

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How old are you? Are you old enough to leave home? x

Not even old enough to get a a job here. I'm 17

You're nearly there though if you're approaching 18? x

I understand what you are going through. I have no friends that I talk to regularly. Most are selfish and don't really care. My mom and dad passed on, my grandma and uncle died last year. I kicked out my husband a few years ago. My sisters aren't talking to me.

But I found strength in a daughter who lives with me and understands me. Plus she helps out around the house even if she doesn't make enough money to help pay bills. I also have wonderful in-laws who treat me like their daughter, even though my husband and I are getting divorced. Their family love me too and support me when I need a pick-me-up. But this site has probably helped the most.

Yelling might make you release some tension and anger. Your mom probably isn't interpreting your words correctly and that might be part of her condition. But if yelling helps? In the state I live in, kids are considered adults at 17. And anyone 14 or older can get a job. There are some restrictions on how many hours you can work based on your age though. Check online for regulations for labor where you live.

Keep going on. Keep posting, Keep breathing. Prayers and hugs.

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