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Drug and Treatment Resistant

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After years and years and years of different drugs and drug combinations as well as regular appointments with a psychiatrist and a psychologist, I was diagnosed as being drug resistant as well as treatment resistant. The doctors pretty much threw their hands up in the air. I was already feeling isolated but now feel completely hopeless. If my Dr’s aren’t able to help, what hope do I have? I guess I’m constantly looking for alternate treatments but everything I try has been a disappointment. Anyone out there that has been diagnosed the same that has found relief?

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The web has many current articles about the effectiveness of hallucinogens in treating long term and resistant depression. Two available, legal options are ketamine infusion in the US and ayahuasca retreats in South America. The results are dramatic and immediate. I'm assuming that you've endured a lot of misery. You owe it to yourself to explore this.



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Thank you for the help. Ketamine is getting closer and closer to being covered by insurance where I’m at. Keep your fingers crossed.

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