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Pregnancy feeling anxiety & depression

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Any of my women friends out there pregnant and having bad anxiety and depression? I’m having some troubles I don’t feel happy or want to do anything I can’t wven eat apetite is not there and I worry constantly. I’m afraid of postpartum. I seen my psychiatrist she put me on a medication as of one day ago. But just wanting to see if anyone else has felt this way?

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I'm feeling this way too. I am on meds and the hormones are rough. I'm about 15 weeks. The only thing I am reminded of is that this isn't permanent, and depression will pass. It's good that you are talking to your doctor, I fear postpartum too and I think if you continue to communicate with your doctor you will be able to be prepared. Feel free to message me if you ever want to talk I know how hard it is to be pregnant and feeling the way you do.

I am so sorry you are facing this. Postpartum depression is very common and it sounds like you have reached out for help. Have you thought of going to a counselor? It is not something most people can face on their own. Do you have a support system in place? I found some really great resources for you here if you have a chance check them out!

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