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I'm so lost with life. I've read on the depression and even though I haven't been diagnosed I'm pretty sure I suffer from it.I if I can just get anybody to help me.Recently it has turned into anger issues.Me and my partner had a argument today and it was so bad the office showed up and said they've had numerous complaints.I don't know where any of this stems from but I really want to understand so I can fix this.

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glad you found this site, it may be time to get a health professional involved, find out if you do have depression. Then you can begin treatment and learn how to handle it, Just remember, the people on this site are hear if you need us. A lot of us share what works for us and our problems. You have just gotten yourself a lot of new friends here. All you have to do is ask for help.

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Thank you......

Make appointment with your family doctor or a psychiatrist and make appointment to see a therapist. And make sure your family doctor rule out any medical diagnosis. U really need to get to the root of things. And start writing down how u feel everyday so when u go they can have a idea how u be struggling with depression and anger look into medication and deep breathing exercise star writing down what u grateful for am here if u need me sending you a hug 🤗

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Thank you

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U welcome

Hi, I'm sorry you're struggling. What are some things you've been noticing that makes you think you have depression? Sometimes talking (or even writing) and getting things off your chest can make things clearer for you. Just talking about what and how you are feeling can help you better "see" your issues. You can always share your thoughts and feelings here, of course. We are here for you.


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