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New here. Hello to you.

Today sucked. 2nd time in 2 days by 2 people telling me stop trying to be in control.

I’m not trying to be in control and yet I cannot find the actual word or words but I’m hurt, pissed, frustrated, always anxious, fearful, tearful, irritated and annoyed.

I hold stuff in b/c I’m too mindful of everyone else’s feelings or what they think or say.

On paper I wrote they can all eat a bag of “d..ks”.

Also, a very good friend of mine died Friday unexpectedly, just found out today after the second person gave me such a wonderful compliment. Who by the way, can eat another bag.

Sorry this is how I feel at the moment.

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I have the same issues at work. People say I'm a control freak or have OCD....really I hate upsetting people. Problem is that I then snap and say things I shouldn't or dont mean. Eat a bag of you know what is better than the stuff that comes out of me lol

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ArtOfNoise in reply to D0119

I try not to make it all about me, I've been told that too. So what do I do? Keep it in, eternalize I think is the term. That sucks too. Nobody listens to me. That's ok, there are plants of bags of you know what's and come in all flavors!

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