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Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

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What are our major gripes? For most people, our greatest fears never see daylight. The cataclysms, the darkest outcomes that we imagine, those things that keep us up at night usually never end up actually happening. What does happen, daily, are the trifling, petty, minor pains that ruffle our feathers and bring about moments of anxiety, fear, and shame. These are the papercut moments in life that are small pains but pack a big punch: The person cutting you off while driving, not getting acknowledged for the work you put into a project, or paying a bill when your low on cash. Although these moments are not the worst things that could happen, they are the more frequent pains we are met with daily and if not addressed, can lead to greater disharmony.

Nobody likes stress, nobody likes sadness, nobody likes to feel uncomfortable. However, on the flip side of this, is a world of possibility. How do you get comfortable with being uncomfortable? The first thing is to know that something is moving. When we are feeling any level of discomfort it is a sign that you have the potential to grow and that an event is pushing you out of your comfort zone. It is imperative that you see these gripes and sources of discomfort as opportunities rather than intended inflictions of hurt.

Once you realize this, stay aware. Think about how the situation can create growth in you. Maybe the circumstance is allowing you to practice forgiveness, maybe it’s understanding. Either way, if you stay heart-centered you will see the moment for what it really is. The key is that you don’t run from it or fight it but that you learn from it.

When we are feeling uncomfortable, we may try to dodge the feelings by masking it but rather than cover it, expose it by allowing yourself deeper understanding. Get to the bottom of why you feel the way you do. Usually what is causing you to feel uncomfortable has its roots in the past which is being called forth into the present to be healed and released.

"Get comfortable being uncomfortable." If you can be comfortable being uncomfortable, you'll be prepared to handle whatever situation comes along in your own life.

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