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Hi I'm new to this group


Hi everyone I'm new to this. I'm a little shy and have a hard time opening up talking about things. I hope being on this sight helps me gain some confidence in getting out instead of being bed ridden with anxiety and depression. I've had PTSD since I was 7years f i'll plowed by a long list of other obstacles that unfortunately I went through over the years. I'm 44 now and have a really hard time meeting people.

Ok thankyou hopefully this site will help ease it and so I can function somewhat normally on a daily basis.

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Hi Maple-PNW and Welcome to this cordial and safe site.

I think you will find all of us very open, genuine and understanding.

When you feel comfortable, just join right in. :) xx

You found the right group of people. We understand. You can practice sharing and reaching out here until you are more comfortable doing it in your world. Welcome!

Hi!! I just joined here yesterday too, so this is very heartening <3

I also would find it much easier to not be here, and let my disease swallow me up and cost me everything I've worked for, but I guess I've finally learned how much I need other people. It's really scary, isn't it... anyway great job joining and welcome!!

Welcome! I just joined a few days ago as well and this site has helped me soooo much. There are amazing people on here and we are in this together to help you with anything. You’ll always find support on here no matter what you’re going through.

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I'm so sorry you have dealt with this so long, I know it can be disabling. I have found that taking magnesium (magnesium malate is best) and ginseng helped me a lot, they calm the mind body and spirit and get rid of sticky negative thoughts the loop around in the mind. Also, getting outside, laying on the grass to get grounded and breathe in fresh air, looking at stars, these things help a lot too. Our environment help or hurt our mental health and physical health. Speak aloud positive truths to counteract the negative thoughts and things said to us. Also, Volunteering helps us get our of our own misery to help others, which helps us. Call those negatives a lie and correct them to yourself. Protect yourself from those who put that added stress on you and go out and do new challenging things, take classes, go t meetups. Learn new things, meet new people, it will get you out of the pit. Hope this helps you, blessings!

Thankyou so much for the responses I truly appreciate it! Really ruff week... I'm so drained just want to sleep all the time.

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