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Anxiety is taking me over


I had really bad anxiety with my first pregancy kinda like PTSD I couldn't control anything I was going through and everything went down hill it went front panic attacks at night to a couple years later went to extreme anxiety to where I cant drive are be alone without panicking cause I feel like something is gonna happen and I gonna faint are something I want to be functional again I have a five year old and a baby on the way and I feel like I'm losing my mind I want to be normal again

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I'm really sorry you're experiencing such anxiety. Moming can be hard enough as it is, but remember, despite your anxiety, you're truly doing a great job! Have you considered getting into therapy? I started 16 months ago because of my anxiety and desire to be healthy for my children. So I encourage you to lean into that desire you have as well. Our health is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. Wrestle with that anxiety and don't let it win. Take care mama.

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