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Fix for your sleep problems

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Ok, my observations - if you have insomnia and otherwise low quality sleep (I was waking up every 1-4 hours all the time), then disciplined routine actually works.

It took me quite a long time but I finally started seeing effects.

Exercises, especially running


Going to bed and turning off screens about 1 hour before sleep (this was super hard for me)


going to bed at the same time, and waking up and eating breakfast at the same time every day. (I went from 23:30 - 7:00 and breakfast at 8:00)


really engaging with things I do during the day - especially work and LEARNING something (like literally memorizing).


And after a while body just makes the adjustment.

DO NOT EXPECT this to happen in 1 day. You really need to use willpower and apply your discipline every single day. And after few days or a week, you suddenly will see the result. Body will be like - "Hurrrr... ok, if you keep doing this, guess I'll adjust the night and stress rhythms." Just like in gym - if you consistently train - body just suddenly snaps and produces excess energy and you suddenly can lift weights you couldn't imagine a month ago.


Discipline really works, guys, you just need to hold onto your plan a little longer than comfortable. I am so happy to have affirmed this to myself I can almost cry (manly tears). It is simple and real solution.

Better to waste a month applying baby steps discipline, than waste years fighting against yourself trying to get is cured in 1 day.

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Concentrating to work is so hard. I am pushing myself to read and solve problem in front of me, and it takes effort not to get distracted or not visit facebook etc.

I even installed a website blocker so i dont accidentally just drift off (yeah, healthunlocked will be in there too!)

But I feel - every second I concentrate I feel positive response and anxiety just vanishing in that minute.

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