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Stuck in a Funk


Hey guys I’m having a rough few days. My anxiety has been consuming me. I’m sure most of you can relate to this funk I’m in: Not knowing why you’re having anxiety but the feeling is there and you don’t feel like doing anything or talking to anyone. Unfortunately guilt goes with it because I haven’t responded to messages or responses. And I’m not doing my usual check in on the forum to see if I can help anyone. I’m sorry 😥 I love and miss you guys. I’ll be back soon! Hopefully tonight is the last of it 🙏🏼

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Big sissy & best friend, although you’re definitely much needed & a big help to everyone, you have to most importantly take care of yourself first. You matter. You are loved. You help so many of us here every single day, but sometimes you just have to take it easy & have a bit of a break. I love you. I’m here to hold your hand in the dark if you need me. Don’t fret, we will be here waiting when you’re ready to come back to us. 💖

Hugs and positive thoughts sent your way. Feel better soon.


I hope you feel better!

Watch some comedy if you can ,🍀

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The office!!! Or friends. Friends always cheers me up! 🤗

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Zoo lander or anchorman 😁 so stupid but they remind me not to take things so seriously 😒

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I love Will Ferrell!!!! He’s so funny. Stepbrothers is one of my favorite movies to quote!

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I was going to say stepbrothers 😂that’s so good now I know why your as silly as me we like the same stupid stuff do you ever watch the British office with Ricky gervais,parks and recreation is good too do you watch it it’s similar to the office.

I love you two! Thank you Guys!

I watch the office everyday over and over. It’s my comfy show. Kayla, thank you and Mama for cheering me up. She’s so cute. Alan do your best with making me laugh please!

It’s past my bedtime Kayla has kept me up again,showing me her crayfish fancy pants dinner I’m starving now but ille get bad reflux if I eat this late watch stepbrothers for a good belly laugh see you tomorrow xx

LOL 😂God love her! Get a good night sleep because tomorrow you have to deal with me 😁

Good night see you tomorrow 🖖🌞

Watching comedy and comedians help me sometimes! I enjoyed chris Farley and David spade movies. Those 2 together were a good match. Dumb and dumber one of my all time favs though.

Omg Michael I love Chris Farley so much. And David Spade was so funny in Rules of Engagement. I’m actually going to watch that and cheer up 😅

David spade was great in that show! I might have to put that show back on my rotation if it's still on netflixs. I also watch the office. friends office 70s show are all on my rotation on netflixs.

Do you have any favorite comedians?

I love James Gaffigan. I just think he is so funny! Louis C K is also in my top 5. I saw him with his kids when I was walking around NY.

You could literally quiz me on anything to do with the office and I’ll be able to tell you who said it, which episode and what it had to do with. I’m watching it now. Knights of the Knight! Lol What about you??

That's awesome I didn't think I'd meet someone who watches the same show over and over and over again like me. I don't think I'm there yet with the office. I love how Jim and dwight act together and creed. Every character was well played!!

I can do that with friends though. I've watched it so many times and boy meets world to.

As far as comedians I've watched alot of bert kriescher recently. Hes got this cooking show called somethings burning on YouTube. It's pretty funny! I do like Louis ck and gaffigin. That's pretty cool that you saw Louis ck. Did you say hi? Now I know who to talk to about the office! Hope your having a good day today!

Creed! Haha. God love him. I used to watch Friends like how I watch the office. Omg Boy meets world! I used to love his girlfriend what’s her name? I guess I’ll look that cooking show up. I’m always open to hearing about funny shows or movies or anything funny. How’s your day? Mine is good. I’m worried about everyone today though. This funk is spreading! We gotta give our fun energy around!

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Topangaaaaa!!!!! I loved Boy Meets World! 😍😍😍

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Yesss that’s her name! I used to want to name my kid that when I was little.

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yes Topanga. One of my favorite all time shows. 😁😄

Creed has some very classic scenes! Dressing up as the joker for halloween!! and eating mung beans at his desk! I would have never known what they are but we do 8 cups almost every weekend of those mung beans. They do stink especially if it's in heat a little to long and they go bad!! I would never try to sprout them at my work desk. That's for sure!!

Let me know if you find and watch the cooking show. He's got some stand up as well. He's done a lot of different stuff to. I would like to meet him and see if he's cool in person.

We be prepping for our big thanksgiving dinner today and tomorrow so we can just cook Thursday morning and have it ready by 130ish.

Yes you guys are doing a good job of spreading the fun energy around. I hope it spreads and others feel better soon. Holidays can be a down time of year. 😯🙁😢

I go through it not being able to be with my family during these times.

How are your holidays?

You actually eat them!! He says they’re very nutritious but smell like death. Haha. We are prepping too! We’ll go to my hometown tomorrow and stay till Friday. They’re only an hour away. It should be nice! I have those anxiety butterfly’s though. I always get them before a holiday get together. I know thats normal though with this illness. You won’t be seeing your family?

Lol. No. I definitely do not eat them!! They are nutritious and do smell like death!! Creed is smart and right on!! Haha!! What does your Thanksgiving dinner look like? I hope you have a safe trip and a good time! Pay those butterflies no attention. Deep breaths and just say all is okay!!

No I pretty much have always worked on the holidays. I worked in the food store most of my life so only had Christmas off all other holidays I worked and now I help out as a sous chef so work all holidays in the kitchen!

Hopefully one day i can have a somewhat normal holiday schedule and enjoy it a little!!

We roast a turkey with my parents, sister, Aunt, Uncle, Cousins and just drink wine and catch up 😀

I’m sorry you have to work. Yes, hopefully one of these holidays you can take off and see the family!

Thanks for checking on me and cheering me up by the way. I really appreciate that. I can talk about the office for hours. I just love Dwight so much. They could not have picked a better character; actually that goes for all of them!

That sounds like a great time! I hope it goes well and you have a happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you. Yes hopefully one day!

Dwight is great! And all the others fit in well to. Everyone jelled so nicely to make that show!!

Thank you for this chat. I enjoy talking about shows! Anytime you wanna chat feel free to chat me up! I could always use someone to talk to. :)

Absolutely! I’ll send you a PM tomorrow. Im going to bed. I’m in US East Code time zone. X

Sounds great! have a good night sleep!

I forgot about dumb and dumber 🤓thanks Michael ill look for it on Netflix,do you watch the uk office or the 🇺🇸 one?parks and recreation is good too all good stuff to tune into and forget about your worries 🖖🙂

Definitely all good stuff to watch and zone out the outside world! I've watched the us version. I've tried the UK version. I want to watch brooklyn nine nine so bad. Guess I'll have to wait! Parks and rec was good too!



When the night is long and you need a friend.....On my heart you can depend......I will take on all your pain....Put an end to the falling rain.....And when the new day starts.....I will be there to take your part.....I will keep you close to me.....And give you my love for eternity!!!.....[My friend is true class personified. I would take on any torture or pain to heal her heart and set her free....Luv, you M123!!!]

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That’s beautiful JEG 💜 Thank you. Ironically after posting, I’m coming out of the funk. It’s because of you guys! I got a lot of love and prayers. Kayla talked to me a lot today. Thanks to my friends so much. Getting it out really helped too!!

Do you have depression? Weed?

I literally do not know how to respond to this lol. Yes I have depression. Are you suggesting weed 🤣🤪

A bit til


What?? Lol

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