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Tapering off meds


Anyone else tapering off AD meds? I'm getting ready to start new AD because I feel after a few yrs you become immuned to them and they stop working. This will be my 5th differnt AD medication. It would be great not to have to go on any and feel normal again. I feel I lose my emotions on these things. Not happy, not sad, just existing emotionless. At least now between meds I can cry when I super happy and cry when I'm upset. It's nice to have feelings - good or bad, even if its going to be for a short time between meds. Stay strong my friends!

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Well said. I too am tapering off mine as every few years they stop working and I have been taking AD for 32 years now.

Good luck 🤞

JustJenn321 in reply to Bird-67

Good luck to you as well....it isn't easy!

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