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too sensitive


Hello everyone,

I am new here, just joined today. I have been taking anxiety-depression medication for a few years now for some ptsd from negative things happening. Honestly, I think I am just too sensitive, and out of my siblings who have the same trauma, I struggle the most with relationships with people. I feel like I get singled out and bullied.

One time at the hospital I worked at, my coworkers went to security and got the guy there to show them the surveillance footage of me walking out with potluck food. They were upset because I did not participate but yet, I took food home. I didn't participate because I was being bullied by them, and the supervisor told me to please take food home.

Another time at a different hospital, my coworkers, about four of them, googled my name and found a mugshot of me when I was held overnight for defending myself against my first husband - who died at 26. A housekeeper was so conflicted by what they were doing that she approached me and told me they were planning on printing it out and leaving it in the hallways of the ER that I worked in.

I am here now because I am pregnant and was being laughed at too much by my family in a group chat. At this point, I am just sensitive and told them not to mock me but it did not go well. I left the chat group and feel so alone, because now I have no one that texts me.

Thanks for listening.

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Welcome. I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time. Try not to beat yourself up so much.

I am so sorry for what you are going through. It seems you have been the victim of some very unfortunate events. It sounds to me that it may be a combination of things. The bullying has led you into isolation, anxiety and depression, all of which can make you more sensitive to the slightest remarks. Add the hormones of pregnancy, and of course you are feeling sensitive. If possible, maybe go back and read the chat while you are calm and see if possibly it was just some minor kidding. If it was, maybe reach out to one or two safe family members. Prayers for peace and safe relationships for you.

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