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Just to let you all know I have left the site


Despite having been here for a long time I no longer feel comfortable with the proliferation of religious posts/responses in recent months. As a non believer this site is not for me any more I'm afraid.

As it is for others on here religion is a trigger for me and is adversely affecting my mental health so it's time to go.

It is clear the majority are happy with the christian themes so good luck to you all.


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Oh no, I understand though. Is there any chance we can keep in touch via e-mail? I sure am going to miss you so much, oh how I love you! Dump trucks of hugs pal!

I will miss your posts and have enjoyed a few nice chats with you. I am not religious either but i find this site to be quite even. I went on one ,mainly American site, and nearly every post was about praying and Jesus. I rarely see religious posts on here.

Well why not have a break, you can always come back when you feel ready.

Take care of yourself xxxx

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