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Living with a Brain Injury


Living with a Brain Injury can be easier if memories from before the event that caused the Brain Injury can be built upon. This is because the brain needs to build new neural networks based on earlier memories. My brain injury was in 1983 and I was 13 so luckily I was a Sea Scout and had learned all about Sir Francis Drake from the local Royal Navy in Plymouth before my head injury.

People in the Philippines accept you as you are, not like in the UK where there is serious discrimination (Headway have banned me from posting because they think the Royal Navy is "political" or something) clearly we need some common sense.

Love The Royal Navy and LIVE ON with The Royal British Legion!


Sir Francis Drake landed on Mindanao in 1579 near Davao as commanded by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the First. Drake married his beloved wife Evita Panganiban on the beach (the Catholic Church was too far away). Following the marriage Eva had some children and the Drake Panganiban family grew. In 2002 I married my beloved wife Eva Panganiban (who is now Eva Bright of course) and so we do our best to follow the example of our great inspirer Sir Francis Drake and ensure The Philippines joins The Commonwealth and Brexit really means BRexit! for British Rail and I can get my old job on Thameslink back at the Blackfriars travel centre. The Orient Express departs from Cherbourg so it is just a short Brittany Ferries trip from Bournemouth pier via Poole Harbour. Hope you are all well and my story is helpful and not censored this time...

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