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Why is it so hard to rejoice in the small things.


So far Today I’ve had a pretty good day. A better day than the past two weeks. And I’m finding it hard to rejoice in it because now I’m starting to panic and I’m upset because I was going so well. Why can’t I just be happy about the small win I had today?

Also it may help for you to know that I’ve always been VERY hard on myself.

Anyone feel the same? Any thoughts? Suggestions?

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hey with depression/anxiety its really hard to rejoice in anything most of the time we don't even notice what we have done.our heads are usually else where.todays not over so that thing worth rejoicing do it before you go to bed.

How do you define rejoicing? I see you already rejoicing because you took the effort to tell us what a nice day you had! We are rejoicing because you had a nice day. Join us, please

Sometimes depression takes all the energy we have so much so that we have none left for the positives of life... that’s how I look at it x

As Kenster says, rejoicing is not something we do often enough. But, just a small smile may be all you can do right now. But, it's something!

I see you as a bright, caring person who does not deserve negative judgement.

Thank you so much. I really needed that. I actually rejoiced today because I did have a good day. But I’ve had to fight the negative thoughts and I’ve had to fight them HARD.

Keep up the good fight. The results are so worth it, as are you.

Sometimes we may develop habits of telling ourselves we are bad that become so ingrained into our consciousness we may start to think these thoughts at inappropriate times. Sarengeti has a cool mantra to say often until it is a strong song in your heart. Maybe, when you have a negative thought, you can think, "Well, that was negative. Now, I'm going to tell myself that I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be important'. If you are very emphatic when saying your mantra after each and every negative thought you have about yourself, you may develop a habit of positive thoughts that will negate and overwhelm the habit of negative. You are important and deserve to be happy!

You always make me feel good the way you word things. Thank you for the uplifting words.

Say it to yourself often —“ I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be important “.

BlueAurora in reply to sarengeti

Thank you for that. I’m going to try that.

I've learned from therapy and put into practice recently the reality that feelings come and go. They're not cement. It's okay and healthy to feel them when they come. It's good that you recognized in the morning you were having a better day than you'd had in a long time. That's great! Those moments can last all day and sometimes they're just moments. It's frustrating when they don't last long--but honestly, when I'm hard on myself and get upset at myself for NOT feeling something that I want, that makes things alot worse [for me].

Feelings are like a river. They come and go. You just have to go with it...recognize and accept the emotions/feelings that come. Don't necessarily act on them. As far as panic... do whatever calms you down, but know that it's okay to feel that emotion (even though it's a horrible feeling). It's an emotion that has been built into us for a reason.

Hope this somehow helps you.

BlueAurora in reply to Jobug

I appreciate you taking the time to write that. It’s a good idea to try to not give into the thoughts but it’s so difficult when they’re so intrusive.

Thank you for posting.


Sometimes you just have to count your blessings by looking around and saying thank you. Sometimes I just start in the morning being thankful for a hot shower, clothes to wear, and a car that starts. Sometimes just starting with the small things can jumpstart your emotions to follow your will. We have to tell our feelings they aren't in control.

BlueAurora in reply to Hidden

Thank you. I like that telling the feelings they aren’t in control.

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