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I don’t want to do any of my school work and I also don’t want to study for my test that I have tomorrow. It’s in English and it is extremely confusing and I don’t know how to study for it. I really just don’t want to take it in general.

My head hurts a lot right now and I feel exhausted because my average amount of sleep is about 5-6 hours every night. I just don’t feel like doing anything anymore. I want good grades but I’m so exhausted and sad and I don’t want to do the work.

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You should make time to go see your school counselor, soon. I saw on your earlier post that you don't want to fall behind in class, which is understandable, but this would be a short term fall-behind with the hope of a long term catch-up. Your school should be able to help you with grief support services and possibly help to manage your work load. Your mental and emotional health is AT LEAST as important as your grades. Sometimes it might not feel that way. But if you believe that, it will give you the strength to ask for help.

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I suppose you’re right. But I can’t lighten the work load. I’m taking 6 honors, 1 AP, and 1 online. It is too late in the year to drop any of those classes.

The thing is that it would be really hard to catch up because all of my classes move quickly in subject and if I don’t have the teacher teaching me then I am unable to grasp the concept as well. I also don’t have time during lunch or after/before school for my teachers to catch me up. So I don’t know what to do.


You sound burned out. You probably need to unplug for a short time, sleep, drink water, get some exercise and eat really healthy. Sometimes we forget to care of our most basic but necessary needs. I study piano and disciplining myself to sit and practice is very tough. There are always other things to do but I tell myself if I want to become a better player than practice is a must. Set some goals for yourself and know your efforts will be rewarded. Press On!

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