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I’ve gone through many trials in my life suc as my oldest son dying at age 23, divorce from husband who was alchoholic and also has passes on not to mention other things. Somehow I’ve got through this but now have trouble with daily life and fears of ridiculous things such as getting out with people, and in rain. I’m pretty much a loner and stay in an apartment. I don’t get out much unless I need to. Occasionally, I’ll go out with my sisters. I don’t know how to get out of my thoughts. My younger son is getting married in early December. He lives in Cleveland, and I’m very anxious about this upcoming event, too.

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Beau1010, I am so very sorry for the losses in your life. When catastrophic events happen in our lives, it's not unusual for fear to settle in. We begin to fear life itself. Your mind feeds into these fears and before long, nothing feels safe and so you start to go into yourself and your world gets smaller and smaller. These more than tragic events happen in people's lives but they cannot allow it to control how they go on.

I fully understand the anxiety you feel in attending your son's wedding in Cleveland this December. Have you talked with your doctor or seen a therapist more recently? They may be able to give you something so that you can make this special event for your son.

We are here to support you. I want to welcome you to this site and let you know you have found a safe place to come to. Together we share our experiences and find that we are not alone in how we feel. Looking forward in talking with you more. :) xx

Hi am so about your son. Send u a great big hug. My son is 19 and he’s very sick and I worry about him a lot . And my bf is an alcoholic too. Am praying for you and am here if u want to talk

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