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My life

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I’m 25 years old and I have been dealing with anxiety for about 4 years now. I was first diagnosed when my mother became sick and it was discovered that she was in kidney failure. It became difficult to function soon after. I was unsure what was wrong with me and thought I was crazy. The relationship I was in became toxic and it increased my anxiety until it ended the beginning of this year. He kicked me out of our house we built together causing me to move backHome. I started to rebuild my life and began to finding happiness. then August of this year, my mother passed away. It became the worst day of my life. My mother was my best friend and we had an amazing relationship. Everyday is a struggle of overcoming anxiety and depression. I have anxiety attacks daily causing insomnia, substance abuse, and putting strain on my relationship. I have a new boyfriend who has shown me what true love is and has helped me with my daily struggles. But instead I treat him horribly some days to where I don’t know how he still loves me. I’m now accepting that I need help and trying to fins different outlets. I don’t want to feel or act this way anymore. I just need help from other people who understand.

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I'm so sorry that you are struggling and that you lost your mother. That must be terrible. You are still grieving so be patient with yourself. Also it is good that you are asking for help! Given how close you were, I'm sure your mom would want you to be happy. You deserve to get help so keep seeking it out. I hope you feel better soon

I understand, it gets better I promise!

Are you in a grief support group? I don’t think anything is wrong with you as a person, I think you have been traumatized with the loss of your mom. Please get into a grief support group ❤️

It sounds like you need to stay out of relationships for a while and find out who you want to be. Losing a mother and best friend is hard, but you have to find out your strengths. You are stronger than you think.

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