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Advice on my dog


My dog is about 11 or 12. She has a huge mass possibly a liver tumor. After several tests. We still don’t know if it’s malignant or benign. We can do one more test to show liver function. If it’s good we could do CT scan to see if we can remove it without damage to major blood vessels. The thing is my vet and husband both say with her age it may not be a good idea. She just still seems so full of life. I just would like to know what other people think. If they have done it with good or bad results.

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this is a very hard decision to make....and dogs really don't tell us how much pain they are in...If your guy seems pain free, then I would not put him through the pain of surgery if it isn't going to give him years more to live.It's a personal choice and a tough one.

We had to let our beloved Spike go last he had developed tumors and started having a dementia, he cried when you helped him up as he was loosing the use of his bladder and back we could not let him suffer, it would not have been kind to him even though we wanted him to be with us for his last x-mass...he was hurting....and the right thing to do was take care of him and not let him be in pain.

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Thank you

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