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I want to die. Like now.

This past week has been so stressful, I went to the ER my fourth time in a four month period because of tension headaches, and my primary care doctor won’t prescribe me Firocet with Codeine when in reality I need it. And I feel like my medications are failing me now.

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anxietyforlife2018, I'm sorry you suffer from tension headaches. I did as well for many years interrupted only by migraines. No matter what medication you take for tension headaches, they eventually will not work as well as giving you rebound headaches. It may be just one of the reasons your doctor won't give you Firocet w/codeine any more. It's addictive as well. Tension headaches being chronic, it would help in finding ways to reduce the tight, tense muscles in your neck, shoulders and head. Physical therapy helped me in breaking up the trigger points and spasms caused by daily stress and anxiety.

Heat paks, cold paks, massage and acupuncture can help immensely in reducing pain. For pain relief, I would take an over the counter pain reliever with a cup of coffee and find a quiet, cool place to just relax.

I hope you find a solution to your headaches w/o relying on Firocet. I know the pain is real and can be excruciating. Have you ever tried meditation and/or relaxation therapy?


I have tried so many I am loosing hope


I understand your frustration and pain. My tension headaches had to last about

5-6 years during a very stressful time of my life. I didn't have panic/anxiety attacks but

the stress came out as muscular contraction headaches. If it's any consolation, I can

tell you once the headaches ran their course, I've never had another one again.

I'm so sorry you are suffering. I'm here anytime you need some comfort. I care. xx

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Can tension cause back spasms?

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Sure can. I use to drive to work with a heating pad around the small of

my back to relieve the spasm.


Hello Anxiety!

I’m very sorry to hear that you’re hurting. It seems like you are already overwhelmed with it all. I was recently advised to read a book of Claire Weekes, she is great at describing what we’re going through. She says that anxiety builds up in us so much that we loose completely any kind of resilience.

I understand you very well. I’m also super overwhelmed. Super sensitive to everything. I’m afraid of everything.

I have hope. I have days like you that I wish for death. But I also have days when I’m extremely grateful I’m going through it all. It changes me. I’m gonna be better person because of all the pain and all experiences.

I wish you also have that hope.

There will be a day that we will get out of this hole!


You are having a really tough time. I’m so sorry. Maybe set up an appointment with another doctor and get a second opinion on what’s going on and maybe he or she can prescribe you those meds.

As for your mental health, if you’re struggling from depression or anxiety even if you don’t have physical pain, then maybe see a psychiatrist. You can get a proper diagnosis and possibly an antidepressant.

You’ll fight this. We are all with you 💜


I am on four different psychiatric medications


Is Amitriptyline one of them? It's an old time drug that has

been used for pain relief of Fibromyalgia (which I have) as well

as tension headaches. One last thing is that hydration is very

important in getting those muscles to relax as well. xx

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I apologize I didn’t know that.


anxietyforlife2018 hang in there buddy. It will get better, remember everything is just in a period of time and things change. Somethings up to make you feel this way, something out of balance and when your balance is back in order you will feel lots better and probably if like me forget how bad you felt. Read positive affirmations, watch comedy, rest your mind to help get rid of those tension headaches. Swimming, jacuzzi, spa, anything water based is good therapy. Dark room and cool cucumber eye pads, Indian head massage are good too. Herb teas, cooled boiled water instead of anything containing caffeine or sugar. Plenty of free ebooks on how to cope on kindle. Wishing you well, fight for yourself you can cure it.

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You may have to find a non-med way to relieve tension headaches. Do you exercise, walk, do yoga, do mindfulness activities, listen to calming music, get a massage, etc.?


I am so sorry for how miserable you are feeling. I lift you up in prayer to God for a loving, healing touch; for friends and familiy to care for you; for wise counsel and patience to stick it out; for rest and trust; for effective treatment to ease your pain. Prayer is all I can think to say. I have a lot of hurt and grief right now because my sister died. It fills my heart with hurt and opens it to the hurt of others. I just pray for comfort and strength for you, for me, for all who suffer, in Jesus' name. My sister who died had terrible anxiety so I understand how hard it can be. I have depression. Hang in there, my friend.


Anxietyforlife2018 I am so sorry you're going through such a stressful time. I understand. Having so much stress and anxiety myself.

Suffering from headaches myself. Tension and Migraine. I've been prescribed a medication to basically prevent my migraines. But, it seems to just give me worse tension headaches.

I have to go back to the doctors and reevaluate my prescriptions.

Nothing really seems to work. I'm even on something to stop nightmares.

I'm finding some much needed support and understanding in this community, when I can't find it within my own life.

Please, know that you are cared about and thought of.


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