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Through the madness


I'm frustrated because I wrote this as a response to someone's post on going through a setback, but the post isn't there anymore. Maybe this will be for you.

I know setbacks are there, but it doesn't make them any easier when I fall into one. When they come (and I know they will come), they always knock me on my ass. Out of the blue - like when you turn around and run into the pole at the grocery store and hope no one will notice as you wobble trying to regain your equilibrium.

So you’re falling down again. I'm not going to say pick yourself up, dust off your mess, and keep fighting. I had a friend once tell me that she'd been fighting anxiety her whole life, and she would say “Believe me, it never goes away.” Exactly. Anxiety will never go away by fighting it. I have to unlearn anxiety because you can't get through anxiety anxiously. I can fight the storm all I want, but it will still come and it will still go.

I know it's hard. I'm not sure it will get any easier. We will be here again, but today’s setback is yesterday's achievement. You are not a terrible person or a failure for trying hard to figure out life. In the easy times we can coast, pick strawberries, hang out with friends, but in the hard times we do the work. I see you as strong because although you don't know how to keep going, you keep going. Keep reaching Reaching out and reaching a place where you're okay.

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That was perfectly stated. You did a great job. That is exactly what it is like to have anxiety. Thank you.

noisybox in reply to Olinick

Glad it could help!

Thank you for posting !.. well said & im glad I read this now.. I'm currently going through a set back after feeling okish for a few days.. but this is my life and you are right there is no point in fighting against it.. it makes it worse definitely.. thanks again ✨

This is perfect. I described to someone the other day how it’s such a roller coaster. Some days you can feel great and ready to enjoy the day, and then something happens the next day (or in the same day) that BAM, knocks you on your butt. I don’t think the person really understood it, but i’m so glad you do!

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