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Glad to have found this place

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I'm really happy that I found this site. It's hard when you struggle to make the people around you understand that you are dealing with something they aren't, or something they don't see or understand. I've only been on here for a day and I am overwhelmed (in a good way!) with all the support I see on here. Hope everyone has a good day today.

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hi 😊 glad you started in a positive direction. getting support from people who go through similar things is always a good thing. our family love us and care but it is hard for them too. sure you will make new friends and get plenty help and advice 🌸

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Thanks!! Hope you have a good day!! :D

I just joined today, hello. I am glad that you are getting some good support on her. That gives me hope. 😊

Hi- I’m glad you found this group.

All of us encounter problems in our lives and it’s difficult to deal with it alone.

A support group like this reminds us that someone cares and willing to listen anytime we want to talk about how we feel.

Thank you for sharing, have a great day!

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