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Not how I wanted my Wednesday to start..

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Morning all,

Hope everyone is well. 😊

My week, Month, past 3 months has been hell.

Getting a divorce from an Abusive POS. Who is now Engaged to his gf. I'm happy about the divorce. Not happy that he feels he deserves to see his 2 youngest kids. (Who are in High school now).

My kids are in therapy. He was an ass to everyone, including our family pets.

My Anxiety and Panic attacks have increased. I had a couple yesterday, while at the Court house. Oh, btw, I may have filled out the wrong paperwork to respond. But, will the county clerks help you.. NO..

Oh.... And today, after I get to work, meeting with my so called bosses.. I was let go today.. So, ya... Everything has turned to shit. A bf who thinks I should just sign the Divorce papers and get it over with. Um.. No... I will fight to make sure my ex doesn't get to see his kids. He doesn't deserve it.


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Unfortunately your ex have to be proven that he is abusive to your children, usually the family court will get involved if you dont want your ex to see their father, maybe your kids can choose to speak to the judge if they're afraid of being around their father you mentioned that they're in high school so they are old enoug to speak to the judge if they don't want to see their father. I wish you the best.

I am so sorry to hear all you are dealing Findingstrength. xx

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