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World Mental Health Day!


Just want to send my love to every single person on this day♥️ One of the most kindest, compassionate, caring communities ever♥️ Love you all and I am always here to lend my ear♥️ everyone who leaves me a reply has been a key to my mind being a little calmer and clearer with every post and private message so THANKYOU♥️

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Agreed. Let's all remember that we are strong in spite of all of our challenges, and that we can love, support and respect each other no matter what.

🕊🦋🌞 I think of this song , any time i see the phrase " its ok not to be ok". This song has gotten me thru many a difficult day.

thanks for the this thought.

Less than 24 hours ago, I didn’t even know World Mental Health Day was a thing, but thanks to this community, I do! I think it’s huge to not feel alone in our struggles. More than anything it is the isolation and loneliness that crush us. It is so easy to despair when we feel like we’re the only one carrying around these heavy burdens while everyone gets on with their happy lives. But it’s not true. Each of us has something that we have to work through.

For years I’ve dealt with anxiety and trying to piece myself together. It’s such a relief when you realize that we’re all just walking around human.

If you need a voice that reminds you that you are not alone. Reach out.

There is HOPE always! Helping each other through the hard times and the good times is God’s greatest plan in humanity.

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