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I think im bisexual

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Im scared. I think im bisexual. Looking at women and men get me aroused. I meet girls at school and always end up somehow liking them or finding them attractive. Growing up I did sexual things with girls when we were about 6-8 years old. I stopped because one time my dad found out. I am now a senior in HS and still am aroused when I watch female/female pornography. When I kiss guys, I feel the same feeling when im with women. Today I met a beautiful girl, and I think shes gorgeous but I think she has a bf.

Do I comeout or stay hidden? I want to explore but idk i feel ashamed bc of society!

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Don’t be ashamed! It’s very common nowadays to be bisexual. You don’t have to dig deep right now and force yourself to make a choice. You also don’t have to come out unless you want to tell people you trust that you’re bi. My best friend is bisexual. She dates guys and girls. She always tells me that when the right “person” comes along, that’s all that matters. Can I ask how old you are?

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I am 17! I want to go to a lesbian bar to explore but I might be too young

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You are so young. That is totally normal to feel this way. I’m sure there are dating sites. I don’t know where you live, but there’s probably a bar or something you can get into, like an underage night. The bars around me have underage nights all the time.

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Same but i'm 16

I agree with MariaLove, in this day and age it's nothing to be ashamed of. I knew a girl who lived with her girlfriend for five years. Then things came to an end for them, and then she met a man, got married to him and had children. She's always seemed happy and nobody ever judged her.

I say, celebrate having way more variety than the rest of us! Also, you're 17 so no need to be in any hurry as far as relationships, etc.

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Thank you

It's very common to be confused by our sexuality in our teens so stop worrying so much about it. It will all sort itself out in time. You might be hetro, gay, or bisexual and it doesn't matter these days. x

I was going to say.... maybe back in my day 50 years ago....but I would have thought by now this was a non-issue. Who cares as long as your happy, love is love. I will say though because of the people who are ignorant and bullies...I wouldn't give them anything about myself to paint a bullseye on may backside. It's really no ones business....I don't care what anyone is...if I like you as the person you are, I just don't give it a second thought whether your straight, gay, Catholic, or agnostic...it does not matter.

Girl, love whomever you want and don’t be afraid to hide it!! We live in a generation where it’s ok to be openly apart of the LGBTQ community.. there are still many older people who are not as accepting, but this is your life and no one can tell you who you can love! As long as you are happy with who you choose to love, that is all that TRULY matters. Stay Golden✨

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I have to comment. I am not lgbt myself but I feel that I am bisexual as well. I am married with 2 kids, so it is doubtful I will act on the feelings. Anyway, you are a beautiful woman. Do what makes you happy, not what you think is right! Date whoever you fall for. Relationships should not be defined by what is between ones legs. Much love!

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