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How to look for help when your anxiety is in the way?


Hello all, does anyone have advice on getting help when you are riddled with anxiety? I do my research, seek out a location and then never call. I don't have health insurance and only work part time but on my last post many of you mentioned finding a location that operates on a sliding scale or looking for a NAMI chapter. I'm also new to the state and don't have a state ID(NY), will that matter? I'm so tired if feeling this way and want to help myself but I find it so hard to do this simple task of getting the help for myself. Have any of you struggled with this? Any advice would help.

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Hi. I am not sure about how to find locations that operate on a sliding scale in your area or about ID cards, but I know that sometimes I have to quit looking at my current circumstances and emotions, and I have to look at where I want to be. When I figure out where I want to be, then I have to decide what steps I need to get to that place. Then I focus on getting there. So instead of telling myself "I don't want to do this. This is scary. What will people think? What bad could come from this?" I have to talk to myself in a different way. "I really want to learn skills and have the tools to deal with my anxiety. Things would be so much easier if I could.........." Then I focus on what life can be like if I made changes. It is easier to be motivated to take those steps if you can visualize, at least in part, what life can be like. I hope this helps. Hugs.

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