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Accessing services available.

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Thanks for all your support.

NHS mental health services change so often I do wonder if there is anyone else who has received long term treatment and has a successful story to share??

I am just wondering if I am the only one out there who is still waiting for necessary treatment!?!

Dual diagnosis seems to get pushed aside where I live, can anyone relate to this and recommend how to get the correct treatment.!?!

Many thanks, all contributions are gratefully received.

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Apologies for any upset with this post.

Please delete it from the community if inappropriate.

Not forgetting a big thanks to all the fantastic staff and volunteers within services out there who do help us all on a daily basis.

I do have a massive thanks for your support over the years

Hi I don't know why your post would upset anyone unless you have amended it since as there is nothing in any way upsetting or disturbing in what you have written.

I have experience with the mental health services in the UK. I found there was much more support around 30 or 40 years ago. It is extremely hard to get any consistent support nowadays. In many cases it is just a postcode lottery and I live in a fairly disadvantaged area of the country and resources are massively overstretched. It seems that they only deal with acute emergencies mainly nowadays.

I did find Mind the charity very helpful. I don't know if you have one local to you. I don't have experience of dual diagnosis but i know others have commented on the stigma this can arouse sometimes and that effective treatment can be difficult to find.

We need to just do our best with the resources out there. Keep plugging your case and advocating for yourself if you feel you need more support. Unfortunately this seems to be the only way to get somewhere, so don't be afraid to keep searching as you have rightly done on here and keep asking.

You will find this community immensely supportive. Sorry I haven't checked how long you've been on the site yet. You may already know this ( how supportive everyone is); most people seem to be US based as it's a US charity but i'm guessing you're UK too and also there are quite a few members from UK and other countries around the world.

G :)

PS Sorry; have just read your other post. Yes detox is so difficult to find now on the NHS, but I would just keep plugging all avenues.

It seems like you may have had some luck with this from your other post. That's great. x

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