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I hate how I suffer from anxiety disorder and it’s severe to where I can’t work and the past months I can’t seem to shake his dizziness and weakness feeling off whenever I go to dr they say it’s my anxiety but I refuse to believe it and I hate it it’s controlling my life I have an appointment on the 11 with a new dr to talk about my symptoms and to see if it is my anxiety I just want my life back 😣

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I’m so sorry you feel that way I totally understand the way you feel I just started feeling good and my hormones messed up everything every month but you are not alone I always my self the same thing why me and just want to live normal. So don’t lose hope and remember you are loved and you will get through this hard time in life! Your not alone.

Stephanie89 in reply to Lupi87

Thank you

It hard to deal with feeling like this and on top of it my anxiety kicks in when I feel weak and like I’m going to pass out almost everyday 😭 some days I just wanna stay in bed and sleep cuz that’s the only time I don’t feel pain or anything but I know I can’t

Thank you I am still holding on to hope that all his will go away

Lupi87 in reply to Stephanie89

I feel the same way you do, I totally understand exactly what your feeling but yes hope is good if you ever need to talk I’m always here to listen. Have a wonderful evening

Stephanie89 in reply to Lupi87

Thank you for that I appreciate u offering to be here for me

And if u ever need someone to talk to I am here as well have a wonderful night

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