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Bad day

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I have been on medication for my anxiety for 2.5 months now and I have been doing a lot better. My side effects of anxiety have gone away and I was feeling like myself again. Last night I got really nauseous and had a hard time sleep (things I was dealing with from my anxiety before medication). I don’t know if I’m just having a bad anxiety day or if something is wrong. I don’t feel like there is anything causing excess anxiety. How do any of you cope with your bad anxiety days ?

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Hi kglassman, it's nice to hear that you are feeling better since being on medication.

Knowing that anxiety symptoms will break through from time to time is normal. The thing is to not react to it with fear and worry that something is wrong. You may not feel anxious in the least or have any cause to get anxious but the subconscious mind is always alert. It can be something as simple as seeing something on tv, hearing something on the radio or reading something on the internet. Once the subconscious mind interprets it as something that may be harmful for you, false red flags are sent up bringing on symptoms and self doubts as to what is wrong.

When having a bad anxiety day, I turn to YouTube and watch and listen to Meditation videos that help bring down my anxious thoughts. Deep breathing while doing meditation brings me back to reality that everything is okay and I am safe. Once you are in that place of mind, your body quiets down. Feel better my friend. You're not alone xx

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kglassman in reply to Agora1

I have been like this for 3 days now. Nothing is helping

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kglassman, with anything that continues or concerns you, it is always wise to check with your doctor. Afterall, he knows your health history and can better determine what needs to be done. Keep us updated in how you do. I care x

So just remember that it's only one day...I often have trouble sleeping. All you can do is either journal your feelings to release them or else I ask God if He has something to say to me. I might read something to comfort and calm me like the Psalms and sometimes I just out loud tell God everything that is bugging me, and sometimes it's a lot, then I give it to Him and try and get some sleep. Praying you find some peace...

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