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Anxious about going to the doctor for severe anxiety...

I have severe, I'd call extreme anxiety over many many things. Random things. One specifically is going to the doctor. Which to get any help with that, you kinda need to goto a doctor.. Kind of a catch 22. Was hoping I would get better on my own, or at least better enough to where I could go in, but it's been several years now and that has not happened. Any ideas?

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Hi Mark

Did you try asking your dr. For anti anxiety meds and a therapist. That helps me. Also deep breathing.

Good luck


No, i have not been into the doctor's in a very long time.


Good idea to go to a doctor and they can check you out physically as well.


Trying to avoid that for right now


Always important to have check ups for wellness and prevention. If you avoid it might be more costly to you and to society as well.


It can be frightening to go to a doctor for a check up or advice about your anxiety. This is especially true for people with health anxiety. You just sort of have to force yourself to do it. You are likely to feel much better and have a sense of relief after the appointment is over. Sometimes female doctors can seem easier to talk to, so that is an option as well, although I note you are a man.


I feel this way about the dentist. I avoid it at all cost! I can see the struggle with it being a doctor though. I’d suggest going to a therapist first, they aren’t medical doctors and you can address your issues of anxiety hopefully to the point of being able to go to the doctor. And if not, perhaps start with a psychiatrist. They aren’t like primary care doctors in that you won’t have to go through the same type of exam. Then they could likely prescribe you something to lower your anxiety so that you can go to a primary care doctor without panicking.


This decision is yours to make. You are free to choose to never see a doctor again. You are free to choose to never leave your residence again. From there, you may choose to lock yourself in the bathroom and not come out (people with severe anxiety or ocd have done that). One can find oneself living in a solitary confinement of one's own making.

Can you imagine the joys of living that this false and undeserved imprisonment will deny you? Maybe list some things that you would like to do, or see, or something that you still have not achieved. Then, there is the beauty of nature itself.

There are many people who literally cannot leave their homes without a support animal, usually it's a dog. A professional could give you a prescription for a support or therapy dog. I know from my own experience that a support animal with therapy can bring huge breakthroughs.

You would be able to take your support dog to the doctor and any other frightening places with you.

There is a joyful life waiting for you to lead. As you seek those ways that work for you, find healthy ways of rewarding yourself for any good thing you do. You have so much to offer and only you have what someone else needs. But you can't take care of others until you take care of yourself. And, you can't do anything without taking that first step. You just did, you reached out here - congratulations!

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David Carbonell of UC San Francisco is an authority on the subject. His videos on YouTube are very helpful, insightful, informative and inspiring. 💐❤️🇺🇸


Hi Mark,

I have been terrified of hospitals and very scared of doctors and dentists for most of my life.

I recently sought help for my anxiety and other problems. I didn’t go through my GP but referred myself. I did the initial referral online and had an initial assessment on the phone which saved me the stress of going somewhere and I found it easier talking to the therapists than I would have a Dr as Sarah suggested.

If you are in the UK try searching for “Talking Therapies”


I'm in the US, but I'll still look into this. I've tried looking into online doctors etc, even through mychart, which is the website that my hospital uses and other non sketchy sites. I'm not sure what you mean by referred yourself online. Mychart basically said, oh well, just go in. My reply was, the whole reason I have a problem that needs help, is that I can't do things like go in... Seems like all of these online doctors want video chat, which is really the same to me as going in. I'm very interested in chat or email support, especially since prescriptions for this kind of thing aren't really abused I don't think so I thought it wouldn't be a problem to write a prescription without going in.


For most things in the UK to see a specialist you need your normal doctor to "refer you", which just means they write to the specialist and pass care for that problem to the specialist. Self referral just meant I could fill in a form saying why I needed help bypassing the doctor.

I'm sure you have already looked for local support groups and charities.

The only other thing I can think to suggest is to try to find the name of who you would see at the hospital if you went in and try to contact them, or their secretary, direct by phone or email.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. Feel free to message me direct if you want to chat.


Where do you live? I have anxiety about many things, also. I am similar to Dr. Ford, who gave her testimony about her fears in front of the country. She mentioned having a genetic predisposition for her anxiety. What happened to her had a great impact on her life and she has a lifelong struggle. Many of us here are a combination. It is learned behavior and also worsened due to a horrible incident in our lives. I have had a combination. My mother was severely introverted and emotionally weak. She also was verbally and physically abusive. She rarely left the house and was terrified to stick up for herself. I became introverted and fearful, just like her. So I learned it in childhood. I had bad teeth starting from junior high and now have had terrible fear of dentists. I have had many dental issues and often cannot sleep the days before appointments. I also have a severe gag reflex which is embarrassing. I used to steal my father's tranquilizers before dental appointments and to give speeches in front of the class in school. I also had many health problems starting from childhood. It is the fear of the unknown when you go to any doctor. Keep in mind you don't have to do exactly what the doctor says. He is your consultant. He gives his opinion and you don't have to take it. I was supposed to have a colonoscopy 15 years ago. I tried and was unable to swallow the horrific substance for the prep. My father had colon cancer. I am resigned to the fact that I may also gets get colon cancer. Each of us can only do so much to fix whatever happens to us. If you are fearful of just leaving the house to go to the doctor, that is awfully tough. But if you really want to give it a try you must force yourself. I was so afraid to have a tooth pulled after a terrifying root canal that didn't last, I was put to sleep for the procedure and for a dental implant. I was terrified of the whole experience. But I did it. I guess most people aren't that fearful. But those of us who are have to struggle more. Call the doctor. Make an appointment. Just listen to what he/she says. Go home and think about it. There is no rush. Sadly so many women have been raped or groped by horrible men who suffer no consequences, like Trump. Trump belongs in prison, and so does Kavanaugh. It seems we will get no justice in this horrible system. It seems there is nothing we can do and that makes a depressed person even worse. Give yourself a chance and give it a try. It is always best to at least try. We are used to failure on this site. But there is comfort in knowing there are others who are also suffering and struggling.


Thank you for your reply. Where am I? I'm in Illinois.

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Mark2022, I am in Chicago and during the 5 years that I was Agoraphobic, I found medical doctors who would come to the house (not easy to find) I even found several

psychologists who came to the homes of patients to work with their agoraphobic issues and even driving anxieties. I'm not sure if you have trouble being face to face

with someone or in just getting out of your home.

I had a therapist who started out by visiting my home and then did phone therapy.

This was all a while ago but it's out there. There's always a way around things. :)


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