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My heart is broken

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Feeling very sad today!My husband and I have been married 20 plus yrs and we had a trip planned for the weekend for the 2 of us,to celebrate our Anniversary. But,last night I overheard him on the phone with a friend of his,they were talking about a singer that is opening a restaurant near where we are planning to go this weekend. Well,the guy was married to 1 woman,but has divorced and married another.They were discussing which one looked better.I heard my husband say,"if you don't like that something is wrong with you"about 1 of the women.His friend then sent him a txt message picture of the other one ,and he said,"I like that too".This really hurt me,and I cried all night.I have never had any self esteem about myself and he never complements me,ever!So it made me feel even more horrible about myself.I honestly don't care if we go on our trip or not anymore.He really broke my heart.He did see me crying and ask what was wrong so I told him,but all he could say was I didn't hear the whole conversation, that they joke around about stuff all the time and making a big deal out of nothing.But I can't stop thinking about what he said,my heart is broken,self esteem even worse,and weekend is ruined!Please help!

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Hi I think that men with their friends can be very crude and sexist, the same way us women can be when together, so to be honest it's not a big deal. What is though is that he never compliments you or tries to build up your self esteem so I think this is what needs tackling.

My advice is dry your tears, accept men can be crude, and go off on your trip and I hope you have a great time. Remember it's you he is with and he wouldn't be with you if he didn't want to be would he! x

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Nadia_FL in reply to hypercat54

Agree completely! To be honest, I have some girl friends that are worse than any men I have overheard when we get together. :)

I agree with hyper cat- one cool smart lady. Enjoy the trip, and use it to rekindle the romance .

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