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I guess I hit that point


Where people stop caring. At my age people only care about you if you’re married or have kids. I can’t think of one persons life that is improved by my being alive but can think of plenty that would be better off with me gone. I pictured my life being so much different but it’s ok I just want y’all to have a happy life. I believe you can do it even if I can’t. I believe in y’all

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You can’t compare your life to others. Not every married couple lives in wedded bliss. Marriage brings with it its own concerns. Just as being single has its burdens. Not everyone is going to marry. It doesn’t mean you are less of a person or can’t achieve happiness being single. Embrace your state in life as you are. If it is meant to be it will happen. You can’t force these things.

Hi Legallystressed

There are so many of us , who feel that they would have been better of if not married or did not had kids ..

it’s always like that we feel others life is better than ours .

The fact is everyone has their problems and issues in life .

Talk to me or others here, we all are here to help you from this difficult moment.

Believe me , not all time in life remains same , night is at its darkest before sun rise ,,,

Hold on .. life will turn for better .

Ping me if you want to talk 👍👍

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What a screen name. Lol 😂 I am not making fun but I saw you say ping me and then saw the screen name and laughed. The irony.

Grimreaper in reply to Hidden

Lol , it happens to be my Gaming world name , I never thought it could be taken in literal way ...😊😊 btw I am very happy Grim reapers

Thanks and regards


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Lol it just made me laugh is all. Cool name.

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Very cute!

How do you know their lives would be better with you gone? Have you asked them or just assumed it? Even if it is true you can't let other people define you, you have your life for you to live and not for others to decide it for you.

You are no different to any of us and if we can be helped so can you. I am not married either or have kids but i believe my life is as valuable as anyone else's even if others don't think so. x

Nice positive reply Hypercat 👍👍

Thank you Grimreaper x

I can’t think of anyone whose life would be affected negatively although I can certainly think of people who would be happy if I was gone



Hello legallystressed!

The feeling that everyone would be better off without you is classic depression rearing its ugly head! My depression always tells me that when I’m very low. It’s an indicator for me to get some help sooner rather than later. I don’t care what stage in life a person is in, they are still a person with light and are lovable, regardless of whether they’re married or whether or not they have children. That is a truth. You’re down on yourself right now and are only listening to what your depression is telling you...a bunch of lies! You need to take some action in seeing a Psychiatrist or therapist before you drop any farther. Get some fresh air and pay attention to nature...it’s very relaxing and calming. I’m wishing you peace!!

legallystressed, I agree with GratitudeFirst in that this isn't you speaking, it's depression. Having just come off your anxiety meds a month ago hasn't been enough time for your brain to adjust to the chemical changes going on and so depression moves in. But it doesn't have to. Seek out the help of your doctor please.

I thank you for your wishes of wanting all of us to be happy and it's okay with you.

But it's not okay with me for you not to be included. Why do you feel you don't deserve that happiness as well? You believe that we can do it but that belief must come from you first. Believing in yourself is of utmost importance.

What we believe in, is what we get in life. You haven't gotten to that point yet where people stop caring or we wouldn't be here for you. You are surrounded by people who care. The only difference is that we are set up to let you know thru our responses.

You know, there was a time when I was young that I thought of the perfect life as being married, kids and the white picket fence. But actually allowing myself to go with the flow and let life take me on it's journey was one of the best things I could do. There were then no set boundaries and I found happiness where I least expected it. And should I die tomorrow, I could look back and say "What a ride it's been" with contentment and satisfaction. Please reach out to your doctor. This is just the beginning of your life turning around :) xx

I have read that over 60% of older people in the USA live alone- strange isn't it? So.... the corporate version of "happy" is just that.

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