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Depressed bipolar

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Dont know why im always so sad. They say im bipolar and fill me with meds to try and stay on a somewhat even keel. It just seems that i hurt everyone around me, with my attitude and demeanor. Wife couldnt take it anymore and after eleven years has left to try and find her own sanity. I am devestated as i have never loved a person more than this woman.

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Sorry to hear that you are going through can be super crazy sometimes and we would be alone sometimes to clean the mess it creates.but these moments are temporary and will eventually pass but we have to keep fighting and struggling.

Be strong.


I went through clinical depression and anxiety on an off for 18 years. Someone recommended acupuncture to get rid of both. After 5 sessions I was free of both. I recommend you try it but first make sure that the doc has treated people for Depression and anxiety and had success

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