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Stuck/intimidated and hopeless

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I am trying to study for an exam, the a+ certification, it is optional but I want to take it for my future. I am a senior in high school it is hard to study for this exam plus balance regular academics. The reason I want to take it is because certain jobs in government require this certification plus two more in addition to a college degree. I want to get this exam done so I can put it on a resume, and maybe get an entry level job in the IT field. It is just so hard and intimidating and a little stressful. I feel hopeless. I feel as if IT is not for me I will struggle to find something that works for me in this world, I just want to live an independent life and make good money.

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My daughter just finished her senior year in high school. It was most certainly very busy. Your plan sounds good. Keep at it step by step. You are exactly right! Balance is the key. Remember to have some fun time with friends, too, to refresh your brain. It needs a break occasionally for peak performance. Good luck!

It is great that you are so ambitious! I also think you have a good idea to take the certification to see if you enjoy working in this field. You are young so don't feel overwhelmed and rushed. Keep up the good work but don't be so hard on yourself. You will find what is suitable for you and that you will enjoy.

Can relate.additional courses along with regular academic studies can be very stressful.

Sometimes it feels easy to give up and run away but when you remember that it can be beneficial in future i think that is one reason that keeps me going till the end of these lengthy classes.

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