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Anxiety attack this morning


I went to the gym this morning and I had an anxiety attack and couldn't finish my workout. After calming down, I replayed the thoughts I was having at that moment and I was having a lot of negative self talk. I will try again tomorrow.

It's hard to exercise because of the elevated heart rate, that for me can be a trigger for an anxiety attack. Anyone else have this issue? How do you work through it?

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Yes I’ve had exercise anxiety before, I have to take it slow now and really pace myself. Don’t push yourself too much go at a lower pace until you get comfortable again.

QuietGreen in reply to Hidden

I am going to just take it at an easier pace because I just need to keep moving forward. Thank you.

I usually use essential oils to help calm/soothe me. It's all natural and seems to work for me. Wouldn't hurt to try.

You are right. It wouldn't hurt to try and I haven't tried that before. Thank you

No problem! :)


The best way I learned to overcome panic attacks is to stay in the situation that is causing them till they pass. You need to convince yourself their is no danger. Retreating can reinforce false beliefs and confirm your negative self talk.

Yes i do too. Feel great at gym but at times i panic when elevated heart. Also after i leave gym i get anxiety borderline panic attacks which may be to cortisol levels. Looking it it now with doctors

I have elevated heart rate. What’s the highest yours has gone while doing nothing? I’m scared of doing any workouts because of this. My therapist says to use my 5 senses

QuietGreen in reply to Addds

I did not do anything for long time because of the overwhelming fear. I gained a large amount of weight in that time and my lack of activity increased my fear. I have been able to exercise again but there are times when it is a tremendous struggle.

Thank you for replying. It truly helps to know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

Yes, I go through this daily. I walk outside every weekday morning and go up steep hills in one direction. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I think about how many different kinds of birdsong I can identify. Mostly, when this ridiculous vision of me collapsing halfway up the hill emerges, I immediately change it to a vision of reaching the top of the hill and celebrating like Rocky Balboa. If that doesn't work, I tell myself that I don't care if I drop dead or not and, surprisingly, this often helps - somehow tones it down. The important thing is to just keep going. Sooner or later something will come along to distract you from thinking all about YOU and you'll feel better.

QuietGreen in reply to nhcookie

I am able to exercise at the gym but I am not yet able to go for walks. I know this sounds ridiculous but the fear is magnified when I try to go for a walk. I also have thoughts of collapsing. Being able to go for a walk is one of my main goals. My dream is to be able to go for a hike.

Addds in reply to QuietGreen

I have this same fear. I don’t want to go for walks because i always think something like me collapsing is going to happen

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