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I am learning about myself


I have written about my driving anxiety before and I have stated that I don't drive on the interstate because of my anxiety. I have been doing very good of late though. I bought a new used car. It is a smaller car and close to the ground. I have been driving it with little anxiety. Today, I drove my wife's truck. It is large and very high off the ground. ANXIETY ANXIETY ANXIETY. I think so long as I am small and close to the ground, my anxiety is less, high and big and I struggle. I hope my findings can help someone else.

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Glad you are figuring it out and are doing better.

Hey don’t sweat it. You are not the not one who avoids the interstate like the plague! My only Anxiety issue is with driving, and it’s not too bad especially in these days of a talking GPS.

But the interstate? NO WAY! thank God there is always the Scenic Route!


countryboy1 in reply to Anxiety5

You made me laugh! Thank you

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