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Can't help feeling like the VA is doing me more harm than good


I've been getting treatment at the VA for awhile since I've been out of work and its been one thing after another starting with delayed diagnosis, delayed treatment, and more seriously being given a medication that im allergic to while being treated in the ER. Since this happened in addition to ailments i was already dealing with im now dealing with burns to my hands and feet as a result to the medication, and its also triggering my PTSD. After pleading my case and explaining what im going through and how im feeling im still left feeling like the anomaly like there is something wrong and my doctors arent addressing it. Ive expressed my concerns snd they still insist on injecting me with new and different meds. Because of what has already happened my anxiety gets worse when i have to go the VA, they give me bad news and then tell wait another 3 months to be seen again. Im just at a loss i dont know what else to do but im open to suggestions positive suggestions if u got them plz. How can i relax if im feeling horrible but being told i cant feel better unless i relax, cant relax if i got a million things going on and controll over none of it.

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Wow, it does sound a bit like they are treating you like a "guinea pig" for various medications and just hoping something will work which isn't necessarily good as you will be all over the place not knowing if you are coming or going.

Someone suggested on your last post that you may be suffering from trauma and i think that is very likely. Is it possible for you to get any private therapy outside of the VA or do you have to go through them?

I really sympathise with your position as you are clearly someone with pride and who has worked hard and just wants to get better. There are answers for you out there; it is just a question of finding the right thing which will work for you. Please hold on and try and explore other avenues of help if they are not helping you appropriately.

Thank you so much for your kind words, i needed to hear something positive to cut through tears today. Until i get back to work im stuck dealing with the VA. There is trauma involved and good portion stems from issues that started with them or my military service. While im thankful that I have my life Im still steuggling cause I know how close they came to killing me twice and that plays in my mind often more frequently than it should triggering depression and anxiety. My health is serious to me and I always joked that I planned to live to be 100 but I no longer feel that optimistic considering I feel like I'm completely breaking down at the idea of going to the doctor. Its just exhausting and frustrating I hate feeling this way I've gone from never being afraid to always being afraid over night it feels. I just want to feel like me again.

Oh dear, that sounds really tough. I do hope that you can get back to being your old self again at some point in the future. Sending you my best regards.

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