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Hello, my friends call me faith. I am in a constant battle with severe anxiety and panic attacks. I've recently began to not even want to leave my house for fear of everything. I am a mother of two and they are the reason I keep fighting everyday. I feel so alone because no one in my family understand. They all tell me to just stop thinking the way I do. So it will be nice to talk with people who understands that it's not that easy.

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I understand. I had a panic attack at a PTA board meeting last night. The embarrassment makes me think twice about leaving the house.

Yeah my boyfriend says I'm becoming a seclusive, because I only leave when I have to. I hate it because I use to be a very social person and now I barely talk to anyone.

It makes me angry because I can't stop it from happening. If I'm in a line in a public place, panic sets in. I guess it's because I felt like I can't escape although, I know it's just for a little while. I get light-headed, like I can't stand without propping myself against something to steady myself. I developed driving anxiety over the past decade then, full fledged claustrophobia after my 1st MRI. I have multiple sclerosis (MS) too. I know that these things are related to the claustrophobia. I love to go places. I'm so fearful of becoming agoraphobic and losing the freedom to go out when I want. I really hate when people I know professionally or who are just acquaintances see me have a panic attack. My husband has even had to pick me up from work after having a panic attack there. It makes it worse to see these people try to help me, seeing the concern and sometimes judgement on their faces.

Yes it is all hard, I am agoraphobic now it stinks. I love going place and being out but panic sets in and I just need to leave. It has gotten so bad that I know only go places when I have to and I don't stay long. My boyfriend gets so angry sometimes because he doesn't understand. He wants to go on a date night and we can't go to the places he wants to go because there's to full. There's to many people and my anxiety spikes. I feel bad for him and I don't understand why he stays. Hell I wouldn't want to stay with me. But anyway, back to the conversation. When I do leave the house I have to have someone with me in case I do have a attack, my family gets so annoyed with me. I'm told all the time to grow up. I just wish the understood.

"Just grow up," wouldn't it be nice if it was actually that simple and in your control. People really don't understand unless they've experienced it. I remember watching my mom go through panic attacks when I was a pre-teen. I definitely didn't understand. I wondered if she was exaggerating or embelishing the situation. I guess I was having those same thoughts that I see on the faces of those who witness my panic attacks. Oh, to have education on mental health become a staple in general education curriculums in our schools! I hope we get there.

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HealthAnxed, I agree with you in that it is imperative in this day and age to have mental health a part of the general education curriculum in our school. We covered sex education now we need to turn our focus on mental health. xx

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Great Point!

I've dealt with anxiety and depression my whole life. Anxiety being my constant. I understand where you're coming from. Lately, I've been getting panic attacks almost every 2-3 hrs for no real reason. I assume it's the stressful situations I've been in this past year and my body/mind is still catching up. But, then again it's nothing new to me. I'm sorry your family doesn't understand. I'm sure that can give you anxiety in itself. I assure you though people out there get where you're coming from. I know leaving the house can be intimidating at times but baby steps help. Maybe try walking around your block a few times during the day. Sometimes being outside can really help clear the mind. Or maybe go for a relaxation massage. Those truly do help. I should know I'm a massage therapist with anxiety lol. You can also add lavender oil to your massage session. Much love 💜

Yes I try to go to the park, to walk because I'm alone. I don't like walking in my neighborhood because I live in the city and men are always trying to talk to me which makes me even more anxious. Lol I don't like all that attention. An I also use to have panic attack back to back, they put me on some meds and it did help. I don't have them so often. Maybe try talking to your doctor. But if you ever just need to talk pls feel free to message me.

Hey! I love online groups because we can talk from our devices, right in our homes. Yay for being a mom! I have 4, plus 3 steps and I can relate. Many, many times I didn't want to get up, or cook, or do laundry or do anything. But, I kept going....for them. You're right, it's not easy to battle anxiety. You're safe here and in a community that understands. HUGS.

Dearest Faith, As someone who was also Agoraphobic, I sympathize with your struggle. As it is, no one can really understand anxiety/depression unless they have experienced it. Throw in to that pot Agoraphobia and they really are confused. When we get to the point where our life is out of control with anxiety, we begin to fear everything. Our minds are trying to find that safe place and sentence us to our home hoping that will provide security. It doesn't work because the fear is not outside but deep within our subconscious mind.

Therapy is one of the best ways in moving forward. A professional who understands and supports your fear as well as finding the root of this overwhelming stress. I'm available by PM anytime you need to talk. I can tell you that it gets better but until you can believe that, you stay stuck. One step at a time. Addressing each issue causing you to stay within the 4 walls of your home. I too had a young school age child while being agoraphobic. It was difficult and I totally understand your situation and distress.

Together with therapy and the support of this amazing forum, you will get the comfort, understanding and courage you need to go forward in life. We will be behind you through your journey. Love & Hugs, Agora1 xx

Yep, our kids are definitely a strong motivation for not letting the anxiety win! Great to hear that you do things to intentionally get out and just live your life. Do you feel like you have the right medications and levels in place at the moment?

If it's at all helpful please know that I empathize with those emotions.

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