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How do you heal a broken heart?


How do you move on when you love someone so much? How do you go from talking to someone everyday for hours and then not at all? From seeing them everyday to never at all? Knowing he's dating and moving on when ur alone and miserable. All i want to do is call him and see him but every time i do i get hurt. Life would be easier if i could hate him, but i dont, i cant. Im so broken and lost. My life is falling apart and I dont know how to pick up the pieces anymore.

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So sorry your going through this rough time and feeling this way!!💞😰I know I don't know you and your exact situation but it's great you know you just feel more hurt if you call him- so you are slowly letting go and moving forward to a healthier, happy place that's much safer for your heart- good for you!! And good for you posting here- I'd say it's good for you to get out your thoughts and feeling- write them out and release the pain so that you can heal and keep moving forward it'll get easier!!☺️🌻

Thank you. Im trying


First off I'm so sorry for your broken heart. You need time, I know that's not easy yet this too shall pass. Have you ever thought that just maybe there's something much better waiting for you? I'm here for you, I lived through a broken heart, it can mend. Love, peace, light, joy & hugs!!!

I know you are feeling a lot of pain right now and it is good that you are reaching out to others to express your emotions. I know people say time makes things better. Time does help, because it time God will bring you someone who was intended for you and you will be happier than you could ever imagine. I hope this link will be an encouragement to you:

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