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I need some support


I'm going through so much and I'm really suffering from all my past and present trauma. My anxiety, depression and PTSD are really taking me over. Lately my triggers are not just simple triggers, they are a full wash over and they drown me in pain and flashbacks.

I know that I've gained a tremendous amount over the last few years in therapy but I'm still suffering so much.

I also had a really strong suicidal urge last week which really scared me.

I want to write more but I'm too depressed to type.

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Tryinghard, yes, I can see that you are trying hard. You are refusing to give in to the forces that bind you. That says a lot about your character, and resolve.

You mentioned present trauma. Would you like to talk more about that? It, no doubt, contributes to your continued suffering. Both past and present is a lot to deal with at once.

I am sending hugs of reassurance. i am glad you posted. Together, we will all work through this.

Thanks so much. Present trauma is my younger newly married brother dying from stage four cancer. I also have another big trauma but that's a whole different story....I'll talk about it another time....

Ohhh, I am so sorry to hear of your brother. That must very difficult to deal with, under any circumstances. I am sending love and concern.

Yes it is very hard. Especially with my very dysfunctional parents....I feel like I'm at my limits and holding on for dear life

Bless your heart. You seem to have gained a lot of strength through therapy. Every hurdle we over come in life makes us even stronger.

The entire family must be in turmoil over the present situation. I have often thought about how many really young people are being diagnosed with cancer. It used to be unheard of. So common nowadays. It breaks my heart to be a witness to all the sorrow in our world, today. I don't know which state you are in, but has any thought been given to alternative therapies?

Whenever you are ready to talk more, I will be here. You can also contact me on chat

I am so sorry- that must be unbearable.

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this to you before, but if you are a woman in your thirties you are peri menopausal and hormonal imbalance could be part of this pain, and you can “fix” it with BHRT, by taking Vitex and Sepia daily, and finding a compounding pharmacy near you. Many women blame this terrible hormonal depression on past events, when it could be hormonal imbalance. Just an idea. My mission is spreading the word about this because BHRT saves marriages, families, and therefore the world. Dr Christiane Northrup is an expert on this. And Eckhart Tolle, any way you can ingest his wisdom, it is MEDICINE. It is renewal of the soul. (forgive me if you are male. I’ve had people get ticked off that I gave them this advice when I didn’t know they were male. 🌞)

I am a male but it's totally ok...I appreciate your suggestion but unfortunately it won't work for me lol

Oh dang! So sorry! Hey by the way, BHRT testosterone can help you. Andropause is a thing. And when hormone levels drop, it’s hard to kick these crummy feelings. My dad takes testosterone (age 81) and it helps his mood as well as his body. Just another idea. Hormones run everything and are closely tied to our moods. Thanks for your understanding!

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