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I am suffering alone


Hi everyone i just joined this support group dont know if i did the right thing or not. but i really needed to talk to others about how i feel. So i am 24 and i feel like i am going towards nowhere i have no job, no relationship, no friends and i think too much about every step i take. Its like i am worried about my future but at the same time i dont do anything about it

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Hi Leeda you have done the right thing joining here ,lots of people to talk to I’m sure they will be along soon 🍀✌🏼

there is no real chronological steps .. you just do what you wanna do or what you gotta do. If you are looking for friends then go out! Invite your cousin or someone you vibe with & explore new places nothing fancy in that ( lake, park, trails, events).. go out & be friendly/positive ..smile or be active ( nowadays people get judged by ethnicity or look) make a good impression ... What I'm saying is You can't expect people to come knock at your door and be the friend you looking for lol ... Now in jobs that is important.... You don't want to be depending on others f that and ask a family member or start looking for one.. not everyone starts big, sometimes you gotta work your way out to bigger things but if you don't start then how will you advance .. & finally .. there's so much more out there but we close ourselves in that little mentality that only keeps us miserable.. you have a decision and that is your own to take.. and I'm not judging , I am not the one going through what you are going through neither do I know what you feel but I do know what it's like to have no one to run to (:

I see that you're struggling to find who you are. Who you want to become. What you want to do. These are tough decisions that we have to make at some point in life. Dont feel useless, because there are many people that are just like you. I know its difficult, but try new things. Take risks! Even If you fail, youll learn from it. You move on and you keep taking risks until you find what you want! Stay strong and go out there and do the best that you can to fulfill yourself.

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Thank you, your absolutely right i do have problems in finding my self i think it is because i all ways listen to others i have a very difficult time saying no to others specially my family member's whenever i take a decision about my life they give me advice and i change my decision suddenly i know that i should take risk and do what i think is right for me but i cant

Dont look to far into the future just one day at a time. Go see a doctor and tell them whats going on b completely honest you need to b honest with yourself. Forget about the past it doesnt matter anymore, forgive yourself let go of those fears there pointless and will just make things harder. Its good your reaching out its the first step believe in your self and have faith in positive changes. I understand that your lonly every one here is in one way or another. Try to look at it as a fresh start from a negative life to a positive life you have to want it and you have to try. Take care and stay positive


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Love, peace, light, joy & hugs for you!

Thank you all it really feels good that you all respond to me and i will definitely take your advices.


You have come to the right spot, welcome! You are still very young, hang in there, I'm here for you! Love, peace,light , joy & hugs!!!

Sillysausage234 in reply to Hidden

Good morning,anxiety,you know I’ve missed you and been waiting for you 🌞🍀🦋✌🏼X p.s.leeda me too

Hey thanks guys you all are very sweet

Anxiety 59 is the sweetest person in the world 🌍 so you never have to feel lonely leeda she’s always available for some joy and hugs 🍀🎶🎵🎸🌞

I feel you I just turned 25 and had a promising relationship that went away like a week ago. We had plans to move and have kids. Now I'm stuck with nothing but a dull present and I'm just wondering if I am doing the right things. I make every decision based on a happy future, but for some reason it never works out. I can't find a job that will pay enough to make my bills. I don't have enough time to go to school so I can get a better job. I have no significant other. I have nothing that I worked so hard for. It's just like I'm circling into the same deep oblivious hole that I've been trying to dig myself out of.

Thanks for understanding. i know it is really hard to feel that you have no future, but at least you can take decisions for your self. i am so afraid of my future that i cant even take a small decision i really dont know what to do

I say pray and take a step in faith that God won't lead you down a path that you don't belong.

Tell yourself over and over in your head I CAN do this like affirmation and turn your can do switch on in your head it will help you be more assertive 🌞

Sure i will definitely do it. I really hope that it will help me...thanks

Yah your absolutely right and very sweet

It works just change your thought pattern no such thing as can’t ,you can do stuff and you are going to make your own decisions 🙌

Welcome, know that you aren't alone. Your personality sounds very similar to mine- adverse to taking risks and struggling with finding your way in life. Please believe in yourself and know that you are stronger than you think. Best advice I can give you is never make decisions from a place of fear. Every time I've done it, it never works. You either miss out on opportunities or make bad decisions. I'm 47 years old and had to learn the hard way. Be bold, be brave and believe in the best. Better to make mistakes and learn from them than to stay hidden away and miss out on life entirely. Rooting for you and praying you will step out in faith and embrace what life has to offer! You can do it!

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Thank you so much for undrestanding, it actually feels good to think that i am not the only person who thinks this way and i will definitely take your advice, thanks again.

Welcome Leeda! So many of us understand how you’re feeling. This is such a great site. I think you should take baby steps. See a psychiatrist and get diagnosed and maybe get on medication. Take this time to do light things like walks, writing or if you like meditation or yoga. Don’t worry about a job and all that right now. You’re young and you have your whole life ahead of you to get into a career and relationships. Now is the time you take care of YOU. See a therapist. It helps to talk to someone who can help you figure things out. It’s all about your health right now. And share on here. Keep us posted. Lots of love to you ❤️

Thank you, i think you are absolutely right this site is very good its been only few days since i joined this site and i am already feeling a bit better...thanks to you guys.


It is always wise to discuss your feelings with others. When you do you realize many people feel the same way and you are not alone. You sound overwhelmed. When I feel pulled it too many directions at once I pull back and practice self care. First get sleep, drink water, eat well and do some exercise. After this tackle one project at a time. Being overwhelmed can lead to procrastination. Tackle the most important item first and then as you take one step at a time things will fall into place. God Bless.

hi there! i hope we can be of help to you :) this community is nothing but seriously UHHHMAZING! ❤️

I am also 24, have no friends, no job, no family, i'm super worried about my future, and feel so lost. you are NOT alone here i promise you that much!

Hang in there, things always do get easier.

same, and i'm 44!

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