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so ive been having somw ok days the other i was able to get around to house work without having to give myself the little its ok we can do this talk. the depression is still taking its toll its atarting to affect my sleep. ive woke up twice this week not knowing wat day it was or where i was how i got there just very confused for good awhile. i just want to feel normal.

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It sucks having to battle with yourself on a daily basis, its good your not having to coach yourself. I find if i only focus on the one job its not to bad its when i try figuring out what order to clean the house it becomes overwelming. Its hard to battle when your asleep still, very confusing its like being obducted. Drink a glass of water before you go to bed it might help. I feel your pain i have forgot what normal is


If your confusion continues, you may want to get checked out by your primary doctor. Confusion is a symptom of many different things. Take care of yourself and don’t assume! Wishing you the best 🌞🌺🌞

Prayers to you as you go through this. It sounds like you are taking small steps, and that is a good thing. I agree that if the confusion continues maybe you should just follow up with your physician....

thanks for the concern. the confussion is only every once in a while its called sleep drunkeness it only happens for a few moments when you wake up its brought on my anxiety and depression. it has since subsided a bit i still get it but not everyday anymore.

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