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Health anxiety anyone??

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My whole life in my head I’ve been dying from one medical problem or another.... I’m so sick and tired of it I had my second baby a year ago, I married my best friend 6 months ago so I don’t get it why does my mind insist on destroying my life???!! 25 two amazing kids a silly dog and cat and my husband our own apartment nice care good job so what have I done to deserve this hell im humiliated about how many times in the last week my husband has had to hold me during a freak out because I truly believe I’m just going to die right then and I have no insurance so I can’t even go get help, so I’m at a loss because I’m too big of a coward to just off myself 😞😞 I’m so tired mentally and physically, I woke up every 30 mins last night just making sure I was still alive now I have to work with barely any sleep 😴

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I know.... don't blame yourself's not your fault and thankfully you have someone there for you. I found a great site for 'health anxiety'.... it may give you some insight and helpful tips... I hope it helps....and I'm glad your sharing about this...


Bless your heart! I am so sorry that you are going through this. I have been going through the same thing for the past 3 years. Mine started when I was prescribed large doses of prednisone for vertigo. That triggered my first panic attack! I made my poor husband take me to the ER 10 times that year. Each time I was convinced I was dying. Well guess what? I wasn't and neither are you. I still suffer, but I can talk myself down pretty good now. Unless someone has suffered with panic attacks or anxiety, they cannot begin to understand the terror of them. You can and you will get better. I did have to see a psychiatrist and multiple doctors but I can now see that it is my negative thinking and the fear of fear that keeps me in this cycle. I promise you, you can and will get better. I am not saying it is easy because it is not, but you are stronger than you think. I will pray for you and if you need someone, I am here.

You have literally just described me. I’m so sorry you’re going through it too. I spend most days in a funk because I’m pretty sure I’m dying. If I see and advert for cancer research, I’m convinced I’m seeing it for a reason. If I see and article in an magazine or on tv about cancer, I’m also convinced I’m seeing that for a reason. I have IBS and chronic headache, so I’m always convinced the doctor has missed something, or the latest swing in my IBS is something I should be worried about.

I developed it when I became a Mum - I’m SO much older than you, 44 lol. I think the responsibility of being a Mum and wanting to always be there for your kids can make us very health aware.

We’re facing a big change in our lives in the next 6 months or so - my eldest is moving to university accommodation next year and my youngest will be changing schools. We have decided to move, which we all want, but I’m convinced I’ll not see this move.

It is utterly exhausting. I’m with you. ❤️

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