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Feelin sad


I awoke this morning with that real low feeling, I combination of missing somebody, not feeling fulfilled in my life, worried about what lies ahead, all I know is this 18 months ago I was in a happy place, now I'm some where either side of it, I know I have alot of good things in my life, and there is alot of you out there whom have got it worse, I just wish I could kick this depression into touch

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I know the drill and am sorry your going through this....Depression is not something we can unfortunately just get over, as has been said to many of us with it by those who don't have it or understand what it is. It's a disease that is not our fault. Sometimes things happen in our lives that can compound our depression, but are not the cause of it. Depression also seems to be, for myself and most people here, to come and go in emotional waves or cycles of good and bad days.... everyone's cycle seems to also be a bit different... and the only real way to have any control over how you react to the down side of this disease is to empower yourself with everything you can by reading, sharing, seeing a therapist, doing group therapy, and in some cases taking meds such as SSRI's. The more 'irons in the fire' are more tools you have to help you cope through the bad stuff.


It is going to be hard to climb the hills and mountains of depression some days, but you woke up today with a chance to change your perspective on life. Choose to say "Despite what is going on, I am going to try to do something to make a positive outcome. Even if it is just taking a walk to breathe a little, or crying it out to relieve the pain. Make it your priority to get up each day and approach the situation with a positive reaction. Stay away from the things that would make you feel even worse such as slow sad music or sad movies or sad people in some cases. Listen to an upbeat positive song to help encourage yourself to keep living life. It may sound like I don't know about depression, but I do because it comes and goes. I just decided that I want to turn the depression into a life lesson with a positive reaction.

Me: "I know that I may be losing my job right now, but I can not control that. Despite this potential loss, I am going to start looking for a new job that I know I would actually like doing and go after it. If I don't get that job, then I will try to get another job I would like." Don't let the negative situation take over the entire day. Make the best out of it by getting up and doing something new or that you know you will enjoy. Just try... If that does not make things better, then remember that this shall pass and that tomorrow is a new day to start off on a better foot. BIG HUG! An inspiring song for you:


I sometimes wake up feeling the worst I do all day. It feels like I just cant get out of bed. I suffer from mild depression, but mostly anxiety. However, I know how that feels and I just push myself and usually by late morning it wears down. I try to find a distraction (besides work) to get my mind out of myself. It can be deep breathing or a walk or a pill (if necessary). It hard to replay the same emotions in the morning and it feels like nothing to look forward to, but you can look forward to relaxing your brain. Try music and deep breathing outside. IT works!

We understand. Glad you are posting and being honest. Honesty is the beginning of change. That's wonderful. Please keep posting and being honest. Once we take the time to figure out how we are feeling and possibly why, then we can deal with getting better. Sometimes that takes being still and listening. Often, in the morning, I feel "slow" or "down". Sometimes, I just pray, ask God " What am I feeling? What should I do?" and then LISTEN. I'm not saying I hear voices, but I get this calm gentle "nudge". THEN, I have to choose to OBEY. That can be the hard part. Yet, usually when I do OBEY, the outcome is a blessing.

This post is an example. I was feeling a little rushed, unfocused, and "low" this morning. I prayed and felt the "nudge" to come here. I didn't really want to do that! Yet, I thought "Just do it!" Just OBEY. Your post was a blessing for me, because it made me feel that I was not alone, we are here to support each other, and I can choose to get better. Long post for me...Thank you for redirecting me. Hope this makes sense to you and helps.

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